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A Greener than “Green” Technology

Amoriguard A-Gain is an Agrément certified decorative paint based on processed wastes.

It was developed and formulated over a four year period by Prof Mulalo Doyoyo and Ryan Purchase. Not only is the A-Gain Topcoat low in VOC and other undesirable chemical substances, but most of the traditionally used fillers and extenders have been replaced by waste materials.

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What makes Amoriguard A-Gain different from other products?

It is ‘green’. All harmful and polluting substances used in its formulation have been replaced with greener/ more environmentally friendly alternatives.

This results in a coating with minimal to none of the following: VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds); APEQ (Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate); Glycol; Ammonia; and Formaldehyde.

Traditionally used Mineral Fillers/ Extenders (eg. Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Mica, Silica, Kaolin etc.) have been replaced with processed industrial wastes.

The level of these recycled products has been maxamised in the formulas for 2 main reasons:

  • To maximise the usage of the waste materials. (Amoriguard A-Gain Topcoat contains 55% recycled materials – excluding water)
  • To ensure a durable high build film that fills minor plaster defects and grain. (Amoriguard A-Gain Topcoat has a Mass Solids of 70% and Volume Solids of 55%)
Minimal to none of these harmful substances

All the recycled materials that we use are processed wastes, which means third parties refine or process the raw waste to ensure consistent products with very low batch variance.

Ryan PurchaseAmoriguard Technical Director

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