Amoriguard is committed to conserving our Environment by developing and marketing Decorative Paint Coatings and Systems that are both sustainable and eco-friendly.

Responsible paint manufacturers constantly search for new ways to minimise harmful chemicals used in the formulation of their products. By reducing, or removing these harmful substances the quest for significantly greener coatings can be achieved.

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During 2012 Professor Mulalo Doyoyo was working with Sasol Chemcity on the development of a binder for waste materials and made a paint sample based on this technology. Rivash Panday of Sasol Chemcity approached Ryan Purchase, who had just taken a voluntary retrenchment from Midas Earthcote, to evaluate the product. The sample had many shortcomings, but the seed was sown and the two entrepreneurs joined forces and started the development of a green coating system based mainly on waste products from industry.

Mid 2013 Ryan Purchase became a shareholder in Amoriguard and in July 2016 the Agrement Certificate was obtained. Sasol Chemcity were instrumental in the development and assisted with funding for Agrement Certification and Raw Materials for large scale trials.

Amoriguard has entered into an agreement with Dekro Paints, an ISO Accredited paint manufacturer, where Dekro will manufacture, market and distribute the Amoriguard A-Gain products throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

A Greener than “Green” Technology

Amoriguard A-Gain is formulated below critical PVC (CPVC) which indicates that most voids between the pigment particles in the dried film are filled with solid binder as opposed to air in higher PVC products and those above CPVC.

This, along with the fact that Amoriguard A-Gain Topcoat is extremely hydrophobic results in a product that has excellent water resistance and water tends to bead on the surface and run off as opposed to wetting back and darkening the paint film.

While being an Ultra Matt Finely Textured coating the dried film is far less dirt retentive than traditional textured films as the filler particles tend to be more spherical and less angular. In addition the particle size distribution has been optimised to ensure excellent packing and reduced voids into which dust & dirt can accumulate.

Harmful substances have been replaced with processed industrial waste

It is 'green'. All harmful and polluting substances used in its formulation have been replaced with greener/ more environmentally friendly alternatives. Traditionally used Mineral Fillers/ Extenders (eg. Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Mica, Silica, Kaolin etc.) have been replaced with processed industrial wastes.

Minimal to none of these harmful substances

“We recognise the need to get rid of industrial waste and continue to develop new products to reuse these wastes, including paints and products for decorative concrete surfaces.”

Professor Mulalo DoyoyoAmoriguard founder
Re-usable Container

In line with our vision of maximising the use of recycled materials we are using a 20 litre bucket made from 100% recycled material. The buckets will not be printed, but labelled with an easy to remove label with a “Recycle after use” comment.

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